The Manual. The main ideas of the method, the technique and the ways of application are summarized in a manual which comprises about 150 pages. While it is not intended to replace a training seminar of this method, it well serves as look up work, describing the gestures, ideas behind them, and several other aspects of the method, for reference. This book exist as German version and is available for Spanish, Quechua, Aymara and Guraní. For orders please contact us!

Additionally, for support of the teachers that have received training, we plan to set up an internet based discussion forum that is accessible for the seminar participants which enables to answer questions that rise during establishment of the method in classes. Summarizing of frequently asked questions can be distributed to all seminar participants on a regular basis.


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Katrin Rabanus

"Ein Kochbuch für's Lesen - A tutorial to the Rabanus' reading method", german (ISBN 3-7893-7787-2)



Katrin Rabanus

"Lesespaß von A-Z", Worksheets to the Rabanus' reading method, german, approx. 200 pages



Katrin Rabanus

"Leer con alegría", Worksheets to the Rabanus' reading method, spanish, approx. 150 pages



Katrin Rabanus

„Ninguna x por una u“, spanisch, a book about the Rabanus reading method's application



Finger-signing poster, (german)



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