Katrin Rabanus

Katrin Rabanus, born 1943, studied lectureship for elementary and secondary school from 1963-67 in Wuppertal, Germany. After 2 years of practising she augmented her skills by studying pedagogics for mentally handicapped children and slow learners in Dortmund, Germany. After that she taught in the elementary grade of a school for slow learners and specialized in alphabetisation. 1982 she establishes a centre for underprivileged children. Today this is the Hasenschule, a non-profit organization acknowledged by federal authorities. 1985 she starts alphabetization courses for foreign speakers and immigrants. In 1988 she receives the Germany Great Federal Cross of Merit. 1993 she obtains a university teaching position at the university of Wuppertal, Germany. During these years she is occupied in teaching profession and up to now founded 37 “Lesenester“ (“Reading nests“) at elementary schools in Wuppertal, where illiterate children and children with special needs receive assistant teaching.